Will Wei Cheng, Founder, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Will Wei Cheng is our founder and has served as chairman of our board of directors since January 2013 and our chief executive officer since February 2015. Mr. Cheng founded Beijing Xiaoju Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in 2012 and, shortly thereafter, launched the DiDi Dache app to provide taxi hailing services. Since then, Mr. Cheng has led us to become the world's leading mobility technology platform, having overseen our acquisition of Kuaidi and Uber China, diversification of our service offerings and expansion around the globe. Prior to founding us, Mr. Cheng worked at Alibaba from 2005 to 2011, most recently as vice president of Alipay, with responsibility for Alipay's business-to-consumer functions, and before that, in a number of sales-related positions, including as regional manager at Alibaba. Mr. Cheng has been featured on Fortune China's 50 Most Influential Business Leaders list for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019. In 2017, Mr. Cheng was selected as a Global Game Changer by Forbes. In 2016, Mr. Cheng was named Fortune's Businessperson of the Year, Forbes Asia's Businessman of the Year, and recognized as a representative of Asia's "digital disruptors" by CNN. Mr. Cheng received a bachelor's degree in management from the Beijing University of Chemical Technology.

Jean Qing Liu, Co-Founder, Director and President

Ms. Jean Qing Liu is one of our co-founders and has served as our director and president since December 2014. Ms. Liu also leads the Didi Women's Network, the first career development program for women in the Chinese internet sector. Working with Will Wei Cheng, Ms. Liu led our company to become the world's leading mobility technology platform. She champions a more collaborative approach for the new tech sector to work with policymakers, public transport bodies and the automotive industry to address the world's mobility, environmental and employment challenges. Prior to joining us, Ms. Liu was a managing director in the Principal Investment Area in Goldman Sachs in Beijing, primarily responsible for private equity investment, portfolio management, and investor relationships in China. Ms. Liu serves on the board of Kering SA, an international luxury group listed on the Euronext Paris stock exchange. Ms. Liu was featured on Fortune's Most Powerful Women International List from 2016 to 2019. She was named on Time's 100 list of the World's Most Influential People in 2017. Ms. Liu received a bachelor's degree from Peking University and a master's degree from Harvard University, both in computer science, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in commercial science from New York University.

Stephen Jingshi Zhu, Director, Senior Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of International Business Group

Mr. Stephen Jingshi Zhu has served as our director since June 2016 and senior vice president, since January 2019, with responsibility for strategy, capital markets and international business. Mr. Zhu also serves as the Chief Executive Officer of our International Business Group. Prior to joining us in 2014, Mr. Zhu served as Executive Director in the Principal Investment Area of Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong. He has also worked at Bain Capital, Morgan Stanley and the Boston Consulting Group. Mr. Zhu received a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from the Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Martin Chi Ping Lau, Director, President and Executive Director of Tencent Holdings Limited

Mr. Martin Chi Ping Lau has served as our director since February 2015. Mr. Lau is president and executive director of Tencent Holdings Limited, an Internet company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Prior to joining Tencent, Mr. Lau was an executive director at Goldman Sachs (Asia) L.L.C.'s investment banking division and the chief operating officer of its telecom, media and technology group. Prior to that, he worked at McKinsey & Company, Inc. as a management consultant. Mr. Lau is currently a non-executive director of Kingsoft Corporation Limited and Meituan; both of these companies are publicly listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Lau is also a director of Vipshop Holdings Limited and Tencent Music Entertainment Group; both of these companies are listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Lau is also a director of JD.com, Inc. that is listed on NASDAQ and Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Mr. Lau received a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan, a master of science degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University and an MBA degree from Kellogg Graduate School of Management, Northwestern University.

Daniel Yong Zhang, Director, Chairman of Alibaba Group

Mr. Daniel Yong Zhang has served as our director since April 2018. Mr. Zhang has been chairman of Alibaba Group since September 2019, its chief executive officer since May 2015 and its director since September 2014. Mr. Zhang is a founding member of the Alibaba Partnership. Prior to these roles, Mr. Zhang served as the chief operating officer of Alibaba Group from September 2013 to May 2015. Mr. Zhang joined Alibaba Group in August 2007 as chief financial officer of Taobao Marketplace and served in this position until June 2011. Mr. Zhang took on the additional role of general manager for Tmall.com in August 2008, which he performed concurrently until his appointment as president of Tmall.com in June 2011 when Tmall.com became an independent platform. Prior to joining Alibaba Group, Mr. Zhang served as the chief financial officer of Shanda Interactive Entertainment Limited, an online game developer and operator then listed on Nasdaq, from September 2005 to August 2007. From 2002 to 2005, he was a senior manager of PricewaterhouseCoopers' Audit and Business Advisory Division in Shanghai. Mr. Zhang serves on the board of Weibo, a company listed on Nasdaq. He is a member of the WEF International Business Council, the vice co-chair of the board of Consumer Goods Forum and the co-chair of the China board of the Consumer Goods Forum. Mr. Zhang received a bachelor's degree in finance from the Shanghai University of Finance and Economics. .

Adrian Perica, Independent Director, Vice President of Corporate Development of Apple

Mr. Adrian Perica has served as our director since June 2016. Mr. Perica is Apple's vice president of Corporate Development, reporting to CEO Tim Cook. Mr. Perica is responsible for the Apple's mergers, acquisitions and strategic investing efforts. Since joining Apple in 2009, Mr. Perica has overseen the successful integration of vital technologies and new businesses across hardware, software and services. Prior to Apple, Mr. Perica worked at Goldman Sachs for eight years and before that, he worked at Deloitte Consulting and was an officer in the US Army. Mr. Perica received a bachelor's degree in Physics from the United States Military Academy at West Point and an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Gaofei Wang , Independent Director, Chief Executive Officer of Weibo

Mr. Gaofei Wang has served as a director and the Chief Executive Officer of Weibo since August 2020 and February 2014, respectively. Since Weibo’s inception, Mr. Wang has had various product and business development roles at Weibo and was promoted to General Manager in December 2012. Mr. Wang joined SINA in August 2000 and worked in the product development department until early 2004 when he transferred to the SINA Mobile division. He served as General Manager of SINA Mobile from November 2006 to November 2012. Mr. Wang received a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Peking University and an EMBA degree from the Guanghua School of Management of Peking University.

Yusuo Wang, Independent Director, Founder and Chairman of the ENN Group

Mr. Yusuo Wang has more than 30 years of experience in the energy sector. He is the founder and chairman of the ENN Group, a conglomerate focused on vertically-integrated natural gas, clean energy and life-health offerings, with interests in China and overseas. Among the ENN Group’s publicly-listed companies, Mr. Wang serves as the chairman of ENN Natural Gas Co. Ltd., a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (600803.SH), the chairman of ENN Energy Holdings Limited, a company listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (2688.HK), and a director of ENC Digital Technology Co. Ltd., a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (603869.SH). Mr. Wang received a doctoral degree in management from the Tianjin University of Finance and Economics.